Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mrs. Oklahoma Pageant

We would like to congratulate our personal friend and Meg Guess Couture model Heather Rouba on being awarded the title of Mrs. Oklahoma County! She is an amazing individual and as beautiful as she is on the outside; on the inside she is even more stunning! 
Heather has been married to her husband, Yury, for almost 3 years and they have a beautiful daughter, Iliana, who is 18 months old. She holds a BFA degree in Interior Design with a minor in Art History and was awarded the Presidential Leadership Scholarship at UCO. Heather has modeled professionally for the past 11 years and has since invented a baby product called PaciPal which she sells locally while waiting for a patent. She is fluent in Spanish and studying Russian, is a jazz vocalist and does special event hair/makeup design. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering in the local area and in her church, studying health and fitness, reading, travelling, latin dancing, watching old movies and spending time with her family. It is important to note that her platform is "Strengthening Marriage & Family" and she speaks on this topic regularly at functions and events. You can view her progress and follow along in her journey via her blog.

Heather will compete in the Mrs. Oklahoma pageant will be held in the Guthrie Scottish Rite Temple on April 17 - 18 2009. Tickets may be purchsed via the Mrs. Oklahoma America website. This pageant leads to Mrs. America, and finally Mrs. World.

Both individual images of Heather were taken by Todd Ballje of Beautiful Day Images.
We wish Heather all the best in her endeavors and look forward to seeing her in the gorgeous custom gown that she graciously allowed us to create for her. Show your support!!!

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Heather said...

Meg, you are so sweet!!! Thank you for your kind words, and all I can say is that YOU are definitely the gracious one for creating my amazing gown! I am honored to have your help and expertise! Thank you again! You are fabulous!!