Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Fabulous Photo-Shoot!

Looking for a photographer? Be sure to check out Abigail Smith Photography!

Todd and Meg, the owners of Meg Guess Couture, could not be more pleased with the photos they had taken by Abigail Smith Photography. You will see in the photos below Abigail was able to capture perfect moments of Todd and Meg interacting as a couple and enjoying every moment of their family photo-shoot! If you are needing a photographer for engagements, wedding, or even just family portraits be sure to check out her websitewww.abigailsmithphotography.com

Also be the first to see our newest addition to Meg Guess Couture, the twobirds bridesmaid collection. The gown Meg is wearing in some of the below photos captures the versatility of the twobirds gowns, they can be worn in so many different ways! Call for an appointment today to try these adorable dresses.



Emily Grace said...

Wow!! These are some great shots and you look beautiful!!

Emily Grace said...

Wow!! These are great shots and you look beautiful!!